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About Lo-Fi Sugar

International songstress, Heather Pollock, has made her way into the hearts of many Indie-Pop and EDM lovers around the world with her collaborative project, Lo-Fi Sugar. 

Her high-spirited lyrics and sultry vocals have graced the albums of such greats as Paul Van Dyk, John O'Callaghan, DNS, Sean Tyas, DJ Kuffdam, Jean-Marc Brissat, Paul Vinitsky, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Matt Davey, Francis Buckley, and many more! 

Lo-Fi Sugar first made a splash with her stellar 2006 debut EP, The Divine Edit - brimming with crisp, instantly recognizable vocal hooks and melodies.  That was followed by a triumphant world tour with legendary producer and DJ Paul van Dyk, bringing her to the attention of Grammy-winning producers and songwriters of every genre. 

Now, 2021 sees the re-release of 2009’s Quadrilogy, complete with a jubilant Black Sabbath cover.  Once again proving that bending genres and breaking down barriers are the hallmarks of Pollock’s signature approach to her collaborations.  One thing is clear, Heather Pollock and Lo-Fi Sugar continue to be the voice and sound of many cutting-edge producer’s dreams.

For her loyal fans, Lo-Fi Sugar continues to serve up that gritty, sweet goodness our ears crave.  Just when we need it most.